Yorbl joins Surrey Heartlands Health Tech Accelerator

yorbl joins Surrey hta

Written by Katherine Robbins

January 24, 2022

Yorbl Technologies is very proud to announce that it will be the first Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) company to join the Surrey Heartlands Health Tech Accelerator (HTA).  

Based in Guildford in the prestigious Surrey Research Park and connected to the University of Surrey’s existing innovative health research facilities and infrastructure, the HTA is an innovation and accelerator partnership, drawing on the research, clinical, commercial and business accelerator expertise of its founding partners.

Yorbl Technologies is a rapidly growing UK Technology start-up and a true pioneer in the development of ground-breaking Digital Health and Care solutions that are focused entirely on enabling users to live healthily, independently, and safely for as long as possible.

Based on a constantly evolving software core, running on a range of sleek, attractive, and state of the art hardware, Yorbl’s solutions offer a unique, App based approach to Digital Health, Care and Community Living that will adapt to both the User/Patient’s environment, lifestyle and health requirements as they grow and change.

Yorbl’s initial focus with the HTA will be the accelerated Research and Development of its unique Community Living “Digital Ecosystem”.

Aimed at combining a state of the art, on-site physical digital infrastructure with powerful Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence technology in the Cloud, Yorbl will provide Care Home and other Community Living providers with a unique set of tools to power, inform and support every aspect of their operation, with the objective of significantly increasing efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing service quality and outcomes.

Peter Reed-Forrester, CEO of Yorbl Technologies stated: “This is truly an exciting time for Digital Health & Care and we are delighted to be working with the HTA and their incredibly talented team to accelerate the development of our solutions at a time when they are needed more than ever. 

“This partnership will underpin our own R&D by connecting it directly with the evolving clinical priorities and issues that our health and care services are facing every day. We firmly believe, as do our partners, that these solutions cannot be just about just about delivering ‘Technology Enabled Care’ any more, they have to be about delivering ‘Technology Enabled Living’.“

As well as joining the HTA fold, Yorbl will also benefit from membership of SETsquared Surrey – who have over 17 years’ experience of supporting and accelerating tech start-ups and are one of the founding partners of the HTA.

Keith Dixon, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, at SETsquared Surrey said: “SETsquared Surrey and the HTA are excited to be welcoming Yorbl as our newest member.  We are looking forward to supporting the team through the coming push to rapidly grow the business and deliver much-needed impact in the care sector through its innovative telecare solutions.”


For further information about Yorbl and its solutions visit www.yorbl.com or contact our Business Development Manager, Josh Jones.




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