Yorbl Technologies Achieve Quality Assurance Award

Yorbl Achieves QSF Award

Written by Katherine Robbins

April 21, 2022

Yorbl Technologies Limited, creators of the innovative Yorbl range of Digital Telecare solutions, are proud to announce that they have successfully completed the TSA’s Trailblazer Programme and have been awarded the prestigious Quality Standards Framework accreditation.

This achievement provides a clear level of reassurance to all Yorbl customers that they are working with a highly professional organisation that has worked with the QSF to embed Quality, Safety, Innovation and Continuous Improvement throughout the organisation.

The award was presented to the Yorbl team byTSA’s Chief Executive, Alyson Scurfield and Sir David Pearson CBE (TEC Quality Chair) at the recent TSA Gala Dinner at the annual ITEC Conference at the ICC in Birmingham. 

Executive Assistant Rebecca Lee, who has been working closely with the TSA over the past several months to achieve the award, said “The QSF is something that I strongly believe all organisations should take part in.  As a young, rapidly growing organisation, working through the QSF has enabled us to base our growth on solid foundations, giving us the confidence and the ability to always deliver products and services of the highest quality.”

Peter Reed-Forrester, CEO of Yorbl Technologies, said “Achieving QSF Accreditation is a major milestone for Yorbl, especially as we are one of the youngest companies ever to do so.  I have always been determined that quality, innovation and, above all, the safety of our Customers and Users should be part of our core values and embedded within the organisation and its processes.   QSF enables us to do that and maintain that approach as we grow.”

To find out more, why not have a chat with Josh Jones, Business Development Manager, via email at josh.jones@yorbl.com.

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