TSA NEWS – TEC Quality Chair flies flag for TEC on BBC News

Written by Katherine Robbins

August 24, 2022

TEC Quality Chair, Sir David Pearson speaks on BBC News about the importance of TEC in social care.

Sir David was sharing his views – as an independent advisor on social care – about the Long-Term Funding of Adult Social Care Report that was recently published by the Levelling Up, Housing & Communities Committee.

The report calls on the government to urgently pump more funding into social care to support the millions of older and disabled people and unpaid carers using the system.

Sir David said a bridge was needed between the current crisis affecting social care and the government’s two recent white papers on care, as well as the Health and Care Act.

He explained that proposals around technology enabled care, integration and workforce are very welcome and will help enormously over the coming years but there is a need, now, for these policies to be fleshed out and properly funded.

This is particularly necessary, Sir David said, because there is a very difficult winter ahead for social care and the country as a whole and we need to ensure that people get the services they need and deserve. 

A big thank you to our TEC Quality chair, Sir David Pearson for outlining the importance of TEC on national TV. We believe, like Sir David, that TEC can be the ‘glue’ that integrates health, housing and care, wrapping services around people, families and carers to achieve their personalised outcomes.

Watch the full interview here

Full Credit: TSA

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