Yorbl’s CEO Attends ‘Harnessing Technology in TEC’ Virtual UK Telehealthcare Event

Written by Katherine Robbins

September 8, 2022

UK Telehealthcare ‘Harnessing Technology in TEC’ Virtual Event, 2nd November 2022, 11:00 – 13:00.

Our CEO, Peter Reed-Forrester, will be taking the Main Bridge along with Spock and other guest speakers from the supplier sector at the ‘Harnessing the Technology in TEC’, UK Telehealthcare Virtual Event on 2nd November, 11:00-13:00.

The event will question how predictive technologies are being used in TEC, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and their use in supporting independent living. Forward looking leaders will give their views on how we use IOT, AI, predictive technologies, health data, lifestyle monitoring etc. to support more people to live independently in the future.

It’s FREE to register for this event! 👇


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