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In 2025, the UK will hang up on analogue phones... for good. The change is happening NOW, don’t get left behind. The world is moving away from the traditional blend of landlines and is embracing cloud-based, fully integrated solutions.

But are you ready?  

Be prepared for the future with our Yorbl Vita. A fully digital dispersed alarm system which has NO dependences on the legacy analogue phone line.   Live Longer, Live Better, Live SMARTer with Yorbl.

From a base of real world experience and constant Research and Development, the Yorbl Digital Ecosystem has been developed to provide a fully integrated and intelligent digital infrastructure to power and support every aspect of Yorbl’s Technology Enabled Care and SMART Living solutions, both on-site and in the Cloud.

Yorbl are producing state of the art solutions that can genuinely take full advantage of what both the present and future of Digital Technology can provide.

You can be absolutely confident that Yorbl will NEVER sacrifice quality and honesty to be the cheapest. We will leave that to others.

It's about more than just Technology Enabled Care - It's about #TechnologyEnabledLiving

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About Yorbl Vita

Yorbl Vita, a low cost, FULLY DIGITAL Personal Alarm to address the UK analogue switch off (due to be completed by 2025). It has no dependancies on the legacy analogue phone line.

Yorbl Vita with Green Help Button on Motorola E20 Phone
About Yorbl Vita+

Yorbl Vita+, our flagship Digital Dispersed Alarm System.

Yorbl Vita Tab

Full Alarm Functionality, up to 4 Wearables, Sensor Connectivity, together with video calling, broadcast messaging, and other configurable services – anywhere, anytime.

Yorbl Vita Hub

With a stunning range features and functionality, Vita Hub integrates seamlessly & unobtrusively into the fabric of the building.

Yorbl Hub

Yorbl Amica Wearables

Wearables that extend the safety net in & out of the home, as well as monitoring activity, health & wellbeing.

Sensors & Peripherals

Providing valuable data around the User’s activity & surroundings.

Yorbl Sense selection with new IBeacon

Yorbl Analytics

Giving you rich insight into your digital care infrastructure.

About Yorbl Technologies

The Situation

  • According to industry figures, there are between 1.7 and four million legacy devices in currently connected and supporting users.
  • Over eighty percent of these are STILL ANALOGUE and will be affected when BT and OpenReach switch off the analogue phone network.
  • This program is already well underway and due to be completed by the end of 2025. 

The Challenges

  • How do we upgrade before 2025?
  • How can we avoid being “Boxed In” by the legacy approach to Telecare and truly access the benefits of Digital?
  • How can we change the negative “Badge of Infirmity” of Telecare image that the old, legacy devices have created?
  • How can we accomplish all this within Budgetary constraints?

The Yorbl Solution

  • Yorbl’s unique solutions start with a LOW COST, entry-level TRULY digital dispersed alarm
  • Yorbl solutions can be rapidly and easily deployed and are interoperable with ALL current Alarm Receiving Platforms
  • We offer fast over-the-air upgrades and changes in functionality based on both a User’s and a Provider’s changing needs.  NO Need to be “Boxed In” by old, legacy technology.
  • All packaged in attractive, recognisable technology that radically updates the image of Telecare’s traditional “Ugly Red Button” approach.

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