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Yorbl, so much more than just Technology Enabled Care…


It’s about Technology Enabled Living

Whether it be developing innovative TECS (Technology Enabled Care Solutions) and SMART Living solutions that enhance outcomes and independence in “senior life”, delivering cost-effective managed technology services or even promoting and facilitating digital inclusion, creating “Technology for GOOD” and improving lives will always be one of our primary objectives.

We are, and always will be, commited to delivering a high quality and fairly priced range of products & services to our customers at all times.  As well as the easily accessible, practical support and understandable guidance that should go with them.

Honesty and openness are hugely important to us.

You do need to know that we are never going to sacrifice quality and honesty to be the cheapest.  We will leave that to others.

What we will do, however, is guarantee that we will always be about conducting business fairly, honestly and inclusively.  About giving back and being better whenever and wherever we can.

These are all values we believe in and intend to adhere to.

The fact is they are values that are neither easy nor cheap to live by day to day, but we do believe they are the right ones.  As such, we will ensure they continue to guide and govern the development of Yorbl.

We hope you agree and can support them too.


A New Breed of Technology

Technology Enabled Living – With an ageing population and severe pressures in adult social care/health funding, it became necessary to explore how digital technology and “Technology Enabled Living” can relieve those pressures and support older people to age healthily and live independently for longer.

From our research, we are seeing that the traditional Telecare equipment providers seem to be stuck in a legacy mindset. Rather than look to the future, they are sticking to the traditional hardware based, “Big Red Button”  approach that will always limit what “can be” and make Telecare devices an unnatractive “Badge of Infirmity”.

In contrast, Yorbl are producing a state of the art solution that can not only genuinely take full advantage of what both the present and future of Digital Technology can provide but are also attractive and aspirational in design. A unique suite of SMART solutions, which, in comparison to other competitive products on the market, will both “future proof” your investment and deliver significantly better ROI.

Healthier, Safer, SMARTer & Ready!

The other huge driver in our quest for a truly Digital Telecare solution is the upcoming Analogue to Digital Switchover of the UK Telephone network. Simply put, by 2025, literally MILLIONS of Telecare devices in homes across the UK could cease to function.

With an estimated 87% of all Telecare devices still “Analogue”, most manufacturers have focused simply on changing there old Analogue “Boxes with a big red button” to another ugly Box with Digital capability. That Legacy mindset again sadly.

Rather than trying to build upon old, outdated formats and technologies, Yorbl’s Technology Enabled Care and SMART Living solutions focus on a “Digital from the ground up” approach to making all aspects of Senior Life and where we live it safer, healthier, independent and altogether more rewarding.

Underpinning the Future with Technology For Good

Underpinning all of our innovative Digital Solutions is the unique “Yorbl Digital Ecosystem” or the “YDE” as we like to call it.

The result of many years’ real world experience and constant Research and Development, the YDE has been developed providing a fully integrated and intelligent digital infrastructure to power and support every aspect of Yorbl’s Technology Enabled Care and SMART Living solutions, both on-site and in the Cloud.

Developing innovative Technology Enabled Care and “SMART Living” solutions that improve outcomes, independence and good health in “senior life”, as well as promoting and facilitating digital inclusion plays fully to our core ethos. Creating “Technology for GOOD” and improving lives will always be at the heart of everything we do.

Meet the Team

Peter Reed-Forrester

Peter Reed-Forrester


Tanya Reed-Forrester

Tanya Reed-Forrester

Internal Services Director

Grant Tiller

Grant Tiller

Director of Product Development

Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson

Sales & Marketing Director

Ken Smith

Ken Smith

Finance Director

Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith

Infrastructure Engineer

Richard Gate

Richard Gate

Lead Developer

Katherine Robbins

Katherine Robbins

Marketing Manager



Are you ready to Yorbl?

We aim to ensure those “ugly boxes” and the out of date “Badge of Infirmity” approach to Telecare that goes with them, are left firmly in the past where they belong.

With a rapidly ageing population ahead of us, it is absolutely vital that this approach is taken now. That’s why Yorbl strives to ensure that all of our solutions are always aspirational, encourage engagement and actively facilitate real independence.

We believe that with the support of non-intrusive, highly functional but easy to use technology, Seniors will maintain their indelendence and live better lives for considerably longer.

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