Yorbl Amica Basic Wearable

Monitor activity, health & wellbeing



Wearables that extend the safety net in & out of the home, as well as monitoring activity, health & wellbeing.

                             Amica Basic Wearable


Best of breed device based on proven Bluetooth technology



About Yorbl Amica Basic Wearable

Amica Basic Wearable.

Your friend for life..

For use in and around the home when connected to Yorbl Vita, Yorbl Vita+, Yorbl Tab or Yorbl Hub.

Best of breed devices based on proven Bluetooth technology.
Remote help: Get Help, I’m OK and Fall Detection capabilities as standard.
Options for 3G/4G LTE, GPS tracking and Health monitoring.

Up to 12 weeks depending on usage on a single charge (Yorbl Amica Basic)

Core functionality:
Automatic Fall Detection

Use in and around the home and the garden

Wearer temperature monitoring

Attractive modern look and feel

Compatible with Yorbl Vita, Yorbl Vita+, Tab & Hub

Waterproof (IP66 minimum)

Option of a smart charging base (Yorbl Amica GO)
Other info
Different colours are available by special order

Yorbl Amica Basic
Yorbl Amica Basic

Key Features of the Yorbl Amica Basic Wearable

Get Help, I’m OK and Fall Detection Capabilities as standard. Vibration Response with a Simple Press!

Visual or auditory disability-friendly with built-in vibrating motor. Self-awareness and fast response to any help by pressing the panic button on the device
Yorbl Amica Basic
Yorbl Amica Basic

Multiple Wearing Styles

Giving you more options by switching different silicone sleeves, which can be applied to a variety of application scenarios.

Smart Magnetic Charging

Easy to align and auto suction with 2 pins for strong magnetic suction charging.

Yorbl Amica Basic
Yorbl Amica Basic Wearable

IP66 Waterproof

lt is qualified with lP66 rating. Waterproof and dustproof guaranteed.

Up to 60 Days Life Time per Charging

Long standby time for 24/7 service, get help anytime, anywhere.

Up to 100 Meters (328 ft.) Transmission Distance

Cover longer range to ensure more stable connection within scope of activity.


Yorbl Amica Basic Wearable

Yorbl Amica Basic – Reliable, secure Bluetooth connection to Vita, Vita+, Tab or Hub.

  • Single Push for “I’m OK”, Long Push/Double Push for SOS
  • Includes Fall Detector functionality
  • Monitor’s wearer’s Temperature
  • Rechargeable
  • IP66 rated 

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we strive to minimise the occurrence of false alarms through the sensors and software used by Yorbl devices., fall detection technology wearables does not allow for the analysis and interpretation of all fall situations.

Soft falls, slumping falls, descent-controlled falls against a wall or a chair are examples of situations that would typically not be detected by the device, and in these scenarios, it would still be necessary to manually press the get help button on either the wearable, or the Yorbl device.


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