A fully digital dispersed alarm system which has no dependancies on the legacy analogue phone line.

According to industry figures, there are 4 million plus legacy analogue devices in the Telecare industry – the majority of which will be affected when BT and OpenReach switch off the analogue phone network. This is already well underway and due to be completed by the end of 2025.

Yorbl Lifeline is the solution…

Yorbl Lifeline is a fully digital dispersed alarm system which has no dependencies on the legacy analogue phone line. It contains a SIM card and also uses WiFi when available.


Yorbl Lifeline offers the same functionality as your legacy system and has been aggressively priced to make sure that you will be paying around the same (or less) than you are paying today.


Yorbl Lifeline can be bought on a monthly subscription plan of £19.50 per month exc. VAT with a £80 set up fee. There are no additional, hidden costs, extra contracts or services to pay for.


Yorbl Lifeline also INCLUDES the Yorbl Amica Basic with each package ordered.

The Amica Basic is a pendant which can also be worn on the wrist or belt and has fall detection functionality.

It’s functions are:

  • Get Help
  • I’m OK
  • Fall Detector


Note : We strive to minimise the occurrence of false alarms through the sensors and software used by Yorbl devices. The fall detection technology in the wearables do not allow analysis and interpretation of all fall situations. Soft falls, slumping falls, descent-controlled falls against a wall or a chair are examples of situations that would typically not be detected by the device, and in these scenarios, it would still be necessary to manually press the get help button on either the wearable, or the Yorbl Lifeline device.

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