TELEHEALTH from the comfort & safety

of your own home


Video Calling lets you as a carer or health care provider care for clients or loved ones without them having to leave their own home – a new way of delivering healthcare through digital channels.

There are great benefits to Video Calling:


  • It’s extremely cost effective & convenient.
  • Respond to alarm calls.
  • Check on vulnerable relatives.
  • Enables Video Conference Calling with carers, family & friends and healthcare professionals.
  • Case Conferencing – from one to one up to groups
  • Increase access to healthcare.
  • Cuts down on waits for appointments and the time needed to travel.
  • Improves wellbeing.
  • Take part in hobbies.
  • Video calling is also useful if you have difficulty hearing, as you have visual cues from the other person and can read their lips.


What is Case Conferencing?

Case conferencing is a care management technique involving an exchange of information between the patients’ care team to enhance patient’s care coordination and minimize duplication of services across providers.

For Health Home patients, the care team includes the Care Management Agencies (CMAs), service providers (i.e., medical, behavioural and social service providers) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) involved in their care.

Case conferencing can include more than one service provider and the MCO and should include the patient and family/other supports as needed.

Office user using video calling
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Service user using video calling
Video Conference Calling

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