Personalised digital telecare,

designed to evolve as needs change, Yorbl Vita…



About Yorbl Vita

Our Entry Level, Low Cost Digital Dispersed Alarm


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  • Available on 6.5″, 8″, 10.1″ android devices
  • Easy to deploy digital telecare, designed to evolve as the individuals’ needs change
  • Scalable person-centred technology solution
  • Built on a robust, reliable android platform
  • Daily wellness check
  • Video, conference & voice calling
  • Broadcast Messaging
  • Text to voice
  • Unique user interface
  • Wi-Fi internet connectivity, Mobile SIM backup 
  • Touch screen and voice control “Excuse Me, Get Help
  • Designed to be permanently powered/docked
  • Battery for use in a power failure
  • Includes one Amica Gero personal alarm – BLE connected wearable including fall detector functionality. Rechargeable & IP66 rated.
  • See below on table for features of Yorbl Vita


Yorbl Vita with Green Help Button on Motorola E20 Phone
Senior couple drinking tea on porch
Person using software

Who is the Yorbl Vita

Dispersed Alarm for?

 The Yorbl Vita is designed to provide assistance to people as their needs change and develop:


  • Individuals of any age who may be vulnerable
  • People with acute and chronic medical conditions
  • Those living alone who might face a risk of falling
  • Commissioners, housing associations, domiciliary care agencies, personal care service providers, occupational therapists and procurement officers of local authorities who are interested in ensuring the safety of those in their care.

Let’s look at Vita & Vita+ Features

included in the pricing

Vita Feature Comparison Chart
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Let’s get ready to Yorbl!

Yorbl Sensors & Peripherals

Providing valuable data around the user’s activity and surroundings

Yorbl Hub V1

Yorbl Vita Hub

For community living and Housing Schemes


Yorbl Vita+

Feature Rich – Built to TSA TECS & BSI Standards for Telecare devices