Yorbl Amica Tempo Smartwatch

Protection for your loved ones


Independence delivered, Yorbl Amica Tempo, packed with

powerful features


                 Amica Tempo Smartwatch


No motion alarm, geo fence and more… powerful functions that allow

you to connect with your loved ones in real time and protect them at every step


About Yorbl Amica Tempo Smartwatch

It just makes SMART sense..

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Yorbl Amica Tempo Smartwatch is ideal for those who want the protection of a personal help button, but who are reluctant to sign up for a monitored medical alert service.

    • 4G connectivity – Support various 4G bands, it will fall back to 3G/2G when there is no 4G coverage
    • Voice Prompts – Smart speaking of alarms and important messages

    • Heart Rate Detection – it measures wearer’s heart rate and sends notifications to caregivers if abnormal values are detected

    • Fall Alarm- highly sensitive fall detector allows a 70+% accuracy in the reports of danger

    • SOS Alarm – one button to activate SOS alarm, easy and simple

    • No-Motion Alarm – get notified and check!

    • Step Counter – tracks daily movement to encourage health and vitality

    • Two-way Calling – calling by SOS or call button and receiving calls from anyone

    • Speaker & Microphone – excellent voice quality with adjustable speaker and microphone

    • Live Tracking – automatic GPS/WiFi/ Beacon location updates

    • Waterproof IP67 

Emergency Call

Press the button or tap on the screen for 3 seconds to call the emergency contacts. Up to 5 numbers can be preset into the device.

Alarm Receiving Centre

When the smartwatch is activated, it automatically and instantaneously contacts an Alarm Receiving Centre if so configured.

The Safety Watch communication protocol can be integrated to most digital Alarm Receiving Centres.


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PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we strive to minimise the occurrence of false alarms through the sensors and software used by Yorbl devices, fall detection technology wearables does not allow for the analysis and interpretation of all fall situations.

Soft falls, slumping falls, descent-controlled falls against a wall or a chair are examples of situations that would typically not be detected by the device, and in these scenarios, it would still be necessary to manually press the get help button on either the wearable, or the Yorbl device.