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About Yorbl Analytics

Yorbl Analytics providing a clear view of collated data via our secure platform, presented in an intuitive format.

  • Secured, running in Microsoft Azure Cloud and accessible from a web browser.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Digital dashboards provide an easy to read graphical view
  • Overlay sensors to build up a wellbeing  or activity snapshot.
  • Look at information over the last 30 days, or define a custom date range.
  • Export to CSV or PDF
  • Appropriate, approved personnel can review either an individual user’s metrics or view an entire scheme, quickly and easily.​​
A screenshot of the Yorbl Analytics Dashboard

Who is Yorbl Analytics for?

Whether you are a carer or family member checking in on a loved one, an assisted living scheme warden or professional or a healthcare specialist wanting to look into a patient’s wellbeing, Yorbl Analytics can give you the information you need to determine the well-being of someone that is in the caring arms of our solution.

You can check on the status of Yorbl devices, the history of alerts raised and any notifications that have been sent out.

In time, as Yorbl collect more and more data in our secure cloud, we will begin to look for patterns, normal routines and behaviour and, in time, we will be able to raise the alarm or notify someone about non-standard, erratic or worrying behaviour or readings without needing a manual alert.

Yorbl Analytics can be accessed from a standard web browser (mobile app on the way), is secure, and will also be the place to go for messaging, GPS tracking, video calling and many of the functions we offer across our platforms – no need for multiple websites, portals or complicated instructions and procedures.

A senior couple sat on a settee looking at a tablet and smiling
A nurse helping an elderly man out of a chair

You will be able to overlay the information collected by multiple Yorbl devices – for example heart rate, bed occupation, movement  and room temperature etc. allowing you to build an accurate and valuable snapshot of a person’s health and environment.

Over time,  through our valuable work with the Surrey Heartlands NHS Trust Health Tech Accelerator and Guildford University, Yorbl’s AI and Analytics capabilities will integrate with building systems such as smoke alarms, heat detectors and carbon monoxide sensors, layering this data into the person’s view and building up a more and more complete picture of the world around an individual and how they are interacting with it on a day to day basis.

Regular check ins with a care giver, video consultations with healthcare professionals and wellness reviews can all be guided by and handled within Yorbl Analytics.​​

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