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Providing valuable data about the User’s

activity & surroundings


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The Yorbl range of sensors & peripherals brings exciting and innovative technology



About Yorbl Sensors & Peripherals

Providing a graphical view of collected data

The Yorbl range of sensors and peripherals will continue to grow over time, as we identify exciting and innovative technology and our customers and prospects come to us with their myriad of wants and needs.

  • Yorbl iBeacon
  • SMART Plug
  • Smoke Detector
  • Door Sensor
  • Bed Occupancy
  • Vayyar Home WiFi Radar
  • Passive Infra-red Sensor
Yorbl Sense selection with new IBeacon


Yorbl Sensors & Peripherals

A range of sensors that can be placed around the home, room or dwelling that can provide valuable data about the User’s surroundings.​.

  • Yorbl iBeacon
    • Adhesive – Stick on any surface
    • Monitor:-
      • Temperature
      • Movement (Items, doors etc.)
      • Humidity/Moisture
      • Air Pressure
      • Light
  • Smoke Detector
  • SMART Plug/Appliance Monitor
    • Monitor Device Usage and Power Consumption
  • Passive Infra Red (PIR)
    • Monitor Movement in rooms etc.
  • Vayyar Home WiFi Radar
    • Automatic Fall Detection
    • Movement Monitoring

    Coming soon:
    Bed occupancy – getting up several times during the night indicates a very broken sleep pattern or in a worst case scenario not getting up at all in the morning can be the trigger to raise the alarm.

    Vayyar Wifi Radar Unit
    Vayyar Wifi Radar Unit
    Vayyar Care Logo

    Working seamlessly with  Vayyar’s unique Touchless Activity Monitoring and Fall Detection technology 

    Ideal for those living at home independently or in a Supported Living environment, Vayyar Care eliminates the need for cameras, buttons and wearable devices. It uses advanced imaging radar to monitor a room 24/7, in all conditions. If there’s a fall, it communicates directly with the Yorbl Cloud and calls for help.  Also, when integrated with Yorbl Analytics, collects rich data covering activity, occupancy etc., that can be viewed through the Yorbl portal and used to check wellbeing, inform care decisions and more.

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    Yorbl Tab

    Addressing Digital Inclusion & Social Connectivity

    Yorbl Hub

    Yorbl Hub

    For community living and Housing Schemes

    Yorbl Vita

    Feature Rich – Built to TSA TECS & BSI Standards for Telecare devices


    Maintain Senior Independence By Getting Involved In Your Community

    Maintain Senior Independence By Getting Involved In Your Community

    Senior independence is a critical part of aging because it allows you to enjoy your golden years to the fullest. As we get older, we may find that certain things are more challenging to do on your own, but there are still plenty of habits to incorporate that can help you maintain your independence.

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