The New Kids on the Block

The New Kid on the Block

Written by yordevadmin

August 10, 2021

We do things differently around here.

Yorbl Lifeline is our entry level, fully digital Social/Dispersed alarm system which has no dependencies on the legacy analogue phone lines that will soon be disappearing all over the UK. Yorbl Lifeline offers the same functionality as your old legacy system and has been aggressively priced to make sure that you will be paying around the same (or less) than you are paying today! Learn more by heading to our website or by arranging a friendly chat with

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Vita Hub’s Digital Warden Call

Yorbl Vita Hub’s digital warden call is a super feature designed to enhance safety and support in care homes and similar organisations within the health and care industry.

Yorbl’s Community Living Solutions

Yorbl’s Community Living Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of the care sector, innovation is the key to staying ahead and meeting the evolving needs of residents and caregivers alike. If you are involved in a care home, care organisation, or any aspect of the care sector, the transition from analogue to digital is not just a change—it is an opportunity for transformation.