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In 2025, the UK will hang up on analogue phones… for good.

The change is happening NOW, don’t get left behind. The world is moving away from the traditional blend of landlines and is embracing cloud-based, fully integrated solutions. But are you ready? Be prepared for the future…

Real world experience and constant Research and Development, the Yorbl Digital Ecosystem has been developed to provide a fully integrated and intelligent digital infrastructure to power and support every aspect of Yorbl’s Technology Enabled Care and SMART Living solutions, both on-site and in the Cloud.

Yorbl are producing state of the art solutions that can genuinely take full advantage of what both the present and future of Digital Technology can provide.

Our SMART Living Platform, The Yorbl Digital Ecosystem, represents a range of industry-leading, intelligent Yorbl Community Living solutions for SMARTer living and care. 


Yorbl Digital Ecosystem – Community Living Solutions

Through our SMART assisted living solutions, you can tailor living environments to suit your own clients’ needs. Integrated seamlessly into your customer’s homes – helping people to age healthily and happily, living independent lives for longer.


Innovative solutions, standing alone, working together

Deployable as innovative standalone solutions or together, as part of a powerful integrated digital ecosystem, Yorbl products ensure housing, health and care providers have the information and tools which can in turn enhance the wellbeing, safety and lives of their customers.

Our fully integrated solutions include:

  • Smart Home Automation
  • Digital CCTV
  • Digital Warden Call
  • Smart Living Platform
  • Digital Emergency Call System
  • Health Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Smart Sensors
  • Digital Door Entry
  • VOIP Telephony
  • Fully Managed Public WiFi
  • Analytics Platform

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Yorbl Community Living Solutions Still
Close up Wall mounted Yorbl Hub

Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing

The Yorbl Hub has many facilities and is wall mounted.

The Yorbl Hub integrates with security cameras, door entry systems and fire/smoke detection, all part of our Community Living Solutions, meaning residents can feel in control, in touch, safe and secure.

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Rich insight into your digital infrastructure

Yorbl Analytics provides a graphical view of collected data in an easy to use and readily accessible format, meaning organisations can identify and modify how clients live their daily lives, making a positive difference. 

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Yorbl Analytics dashboard

Digital CCTV, SMART Sensors & more…

Keep your residents feeling safe and improve health & wellbeing. Monitor areas for movement, smoke, temperature, appliances, air humidity & pressure.

Take a look at our Sensors & Peripherals…

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Let’s get ready to Yorbl!

Yorbl Tab

Addressing Digital Inclusion & Social Connectivity.

Yorbl Hub

Yorbl Hub

For community living and Housing Schemes. 

Yorbl Lifeline with Green Help Button on Motorola E20 Phone

Yorbl Lifeline

Throw away your old analogue box and we’ll throw you a digital Lifeline.

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