Yorbl Vita Hub

Helping Power Digital Community Living

Part of the unique Yorbl “Digital Ecosystem”, integrating seamlessly and unobtrusively into the fabric of the building.


                           Vita Hub

Door Entry & Communication Panel

Essential care, security, communication and smart device control services all from a single device


About Yorbl Vita Hub

Integrating seamlessly and unobtrusively into the fabric of the building

  • Fully integrated with the Yorbl Digital Ecosystem.
  • Full Digital Telecare/Emergency Call functionality.
  • Does everything that Yorbl Vita+ can do but with the addition of powerful Community Living functionality:
  • Various mounting options (i.e. Wall, Table Stand etc.) and Powered over Ethernet.
  • Tie into the fabric of the building and fully integrated with digital voice calling, broadcast messaging, security cameras, video door entry and fire/smoke detection
  • The unit can become a Wi-Fi hotspot, providing a mesh Wi-Fi network throughout an entire building (Requires AC Power).
  • Facilitate scheme services such as Noticeboard, Events, Request a Repair, Call Manager/Warden etc.…
  • Customisable – Branding, Functionality, Language
Yorbl Hub with White Tablet
Wall mounted Yorbl Hub

Yorbl Vita Hub

Have you been Yorbl’d yet?

The Future of Community Living

The full integration of Community Living technology into a single, fully connected infrastructure is long overdue.

Yorbl Vita Hub, with is configurable look, feel and functionality is the critical “Customer Facing” component of Yorbl’s unique “Digital Ecosystem” for Community Living environments.

Located unobtrusively in each individual room/apartment, Vita Hub brings the capabilities of the digital world at your customer’s fingertips, in an attractive, easy to use way.

Integrating with fully digital Door Entry and Video Security systems, hub provides an impressive range of functionality including digital “Warden Call”, full “Telecare” capability, User to User Calling, SMART Sensor and device connectivity and control, Broadcast messaging and more.

Improving Services & Outcomes 

Moving to a fully integrated Community Living “Digital Ecosystem” provides a state of the art platform for service enhancement and outcome improvement.

Integrated with our intelligent Yorbl Cloud, powerful Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence will bring your infrastructure to life and provide Carers and Residents with invaluable insights into customer Activity, Health & Wellbeing as well as providing staff with operational insights that will help increase quality of service, general efficiency, as well as reducing costs across the board.


Connectivity – LAN(PoE),Wi-Fi,Bluetooth
BatteryLife – N/A
Warranty – 3 Years standard, can be extended with a Yorbl Warranty and support pack

  • Core functionality:
  • I’m OK alerting
  • Get Help alerting
  • Request a Repair feature
  • Messaging
  • Voice command support
  • Selected Voice and Video call support
  • Door Entry Control
  • Room to Room intercom support
  • Wellbeing Check-In
  • Wi-Fi Hot spot feature
  • Community and Social Portal Access
  • 3rd party Android Application support
  • Internet Access
  • Online Help
  • Yorbl Amica Wearables and optional Sensor Pack
  • Online Status, Reporting and Management Portal
  • Compatible with SCAIP, Cenelec, NOW IP and other standard protocols and ARC connectivity
  • Time/Date/Weather
Range of wearables and smart sensors

Other info
Full digital dispersed alarm unit

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