Vita Hub’s Digital Warden Call

Digital Warden Call - Vita HUB Feature

Written by Katherine Robbins

May 9, 2024

Yorbl Vita Hub’s digital warden call is a super feature designed to enhance safety and support in care homes and similar organisations within the health and care industry. It functions as a digital communication system that enables residents or individuals in need of assistance to call for help at any time, swiftly and efficiently. 

Here’s how it works and why it’s beneficial: 


Unlike traditional warden call systems that rely solely on physical call points, the digital warden call feature can be integrated into various devices. This versatility allows users to access help from wherever they are within the premises.

Instant Communication

In emergencies or when assistance is needed, residents can activate the digital warden call with just by touching the screen on the Yorbl Hub or through voice command. This prompt communication ensures that help reaches them promptly, minimising potential risks or discomfort. 

Location Tracking

Some implementations of digital warden call systems include location tracking features when connected to our Amica Gero wearable. This means that when a call for help is initiated, caregivers or staff can quickly pinpoint the exact location of the individual in need of assistance, enabling faster response times. 

Customisation and Integration

The Yorbl Vita Hub’s digital warden call feature can be customised to suit the specific needs of its user and different care settings. It can also be integrated with other telecare systems, such as fall detection sensors or door alarms, creating a comprehensive safety network. 

Enhanced Peace of Mind

For residents and their families, knowing that there’s a reliable and efficient system in place to summon help can provide peace of mind. This sense of security contributes to overall well-being and confidence in the care provided. 

Efficiency and Cost Savings

By streamlining communication and response processes, digital warden call systems can improve operational efficiency within care homes. They can also potentially reduce the need for additional staff or resources dedicated solely to monitoring and responding to calls for assistance. 

The digital warden call feature offered by the Yorbl Vita Hub provides a reliable, versatile, and efficient means of summoning assistance in care homes and similar environments. Its benefits include improved safety, faster response times, customisation options, and enhanced peace of mind for residents and their families. 

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