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Written by Lauren Bate

December 13, 2021

A Day in the Life of Josh Jones, Yorbl’s Business Development Manager.

Josh Jones, Business Development Manager for Yorbl joined the team back in July 2020 during the global pandemic. Settling into a new working environment and a new role comes with its own challenges. Pairing this with the COVID-19 situation, Josh has settled into his new role and catches up with us today to share a day in the life.

Josh works alongside the Yorbl team to cast a light on our products and champion digital inclusivity and the all-important switch to digital. Technology Enabled Living is the future and Josh explains what it’s like to live and breathe our ethos in the first of our A Day in the Life series. 

It certainly felt I was starting in a unique environment when I joined Yorbl Technologies during the early months of the pandemic. I had only virtually met my colleagues at that time and I worked from home from the get-go.

Working for a start-up company meant it was an ‘all hands-on deck’! I really enjoyed this aspect as I had been able to use my skills and knowledge that I had built up through my time working in digital and behavioural marketing, along with learning new skills along the way.

The start-up mentality is also a great thing. All members of the Yorbl team work closely together and support each other through everything whilst giving you autonomy to get other tasks done and on time to make sure that everything can keep moving in the right direction. 

In this time, I have learnt so much about myself with regards to working remotely and understanding the inner workings of a start-up business and what it takes to succeed.

A day in the life at Yorbl for me involves meetings with Councils and Housing Associations from all across the country. Many of these have either heard about our products through our disruptive and fresh marketing efforts, or from the numerous events that we have either run ourselves or have been involved with in some way. Ultimately, my role is to spread the message of our innovative Technology Enabled Living products and seeking people who we may think will find great benefit from our TEC products and services.

In my opinion, Yorbl’s innovative and unique technology and products stand out in an industry that seems to have been stuck in a rut for such a long time with no real innovation or eyes on the future. Yorbl’s products help to incorporate the wider visions of what a lot of people in the industry want to see for the future of telecare, which is a shift to products that are proactive in their nature instead of reactive.

Traditional telecare is to sit in someone’s home and when an emergency occurs the device is then used. Whereas Yorbl’s future is truly telecare to be proud of. Digital first which grows and adapts to the end users’ needs with products that don’t feel dated or like you’re ‘resigned to the scrap heap’. As our ageing generation gets younger, Yorbl provides products that don’t just do the job, but look the part too.

Yorbl can help improve peoples’ lives and enables them to stay as independent as possible, for as long as possible. Adding our devices around the home, we pick up on changes in their behaviours. These changes help us to take the necessary steps providing the key information which can prevent many falls, which according to the World Health Organisation are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide or flagging up an illness early to enable quick response.

It’s this vision that helps drive me along and the rest of the Yorbl team to push for changes in mindset and to look at the art of the possible and the future of embracing Technology Enabled Living, not just Technology Enabled Care.

You can get in touch with Josh Jones for more information about Yorbl products, email josh.jones@yorbl .com




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