From our CEO, Peter Reed-Forrester

Written by yordevadmin

July 12, 2021

The upcoming move of the UK Telephone Network to full digital by 2025 means that several million connected analogue #telecare devices in the UK need to be upgraded to digital before they literally cease to function.

With the traditional players in the industry insisting on sticking to what we see as a legacy “Box Based” approach to essentially save their market share, it is my opinion that this could cause Telecare providers and users across not just the UK but the world to miss out on the huge advances and opportunities a move to a truly #Digital solution can offer.

I see this as a genuine threat to our futures and, as a 60yr old myself, I am literally personally invested in this issue.

My belief is that if Commissioners and Providers of Telecare services allow this approach to blindly herd them into a technology cul-de-sac simply because they fear the risk of trying something new and innovative, they will be doing themselves and the people they serve a massive disservice.

Not only can real digital massively reduce cost, increase efficiencies etc. It can also (and most importantly) significantly improve lives and protect our Health and Social Services from the very real threat posed by the #AgeingSociety.

The many negative impacts of not getting this change right are too many and too severe to ignore. But what can we do to avoid them?

My solution and my plea here is to be brave, take a risk, #beinnovative and take a proper look at the new breed of #digitaltelecare and #digitalhealthcare#technology that is already out there before you decide to stick with the old “Badge of Infirmity” approach of the past.

Believe me I know I am not the most popular voice amongst some of our larger competitors (funny that 😂) and I also accept that this is an issue I do go on about but, I firmly belive 2 things here.

Firstly, this NEEDS to be talked about and, secondly. If you listen solely to the purveyors of the past, that is exactly where you and everyone you care for will remain.


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