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Yorbl provide innovative Digital Health & Care solutions offering an unrivalled range of standard features & functionality, placing the ever-changing needs of its Users at the centre. 

Explore the Yorbl Vita Range

Looking to elevate your organisation’s capabilities in the telecare industry? Look no further!
Yorbl presents an innovative digital ecosystem tailored to meet your unique needs. Our digital telecare solutions are designed to stand alone or seamlessly integrate, providing unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. User-centred, versatile, futureproof, digital health and care.



  • Full digital dispersed alarm functionality
    • “Get Help”
    • “I’m OK”
  • Fully compliant/certified digital ARC connectivity (i.e. SCAIP, API etc.)
    • UMO, SkyResponse, Answerlink, Archangel
  • Secure Android App and AWS Cloud Infrastructure
  • WiFi Internet & SIM connectivity
  • Battery Backup
  • Digital voice & video calling
  • Touch screen and voice control “Excuse Me, Get Help”​
  • Broadcast text/SMS messaging with Text to Voice
  • Daily wellness checks
  • Multi language capability (Text & Voice – Change/Update over the air)
  • Brandable/customisable user interface
  • Fully integrated with Yorbl Analytics system
  • “Over the Air” feature changes/updates and upgrades
  • Remote monitoring
  • All Vita solutions come with 1 Amica Gero Wearable Fall Detector /Remote Alarm Button absolutely FREE!
Senior lady with striped suit on and colourful necklace pointing upwards
An illustration of the Yorbl Vita digital dispersed alarm


Our Entry Level, Low Cost Digital Dispersed Alarm​

  • Aggressively priced, easy to deploy steppingstone into digital healthcare​
  • Direct button & box replacement
  • ALL standard Vita range features & functions
  • “Over the Air” feature changes/updates and upgrades to Vita+, Vita Hub
  • Designed to be permanently powered/docked​ with battery backup
  • Case with kickstand​ and screen protector available
  • Includes 1 x FREE Amica Gero Wearable:-
    • Wrist or pendant
    • Single push for “I’m OK”, long push/double push for SOS​
    • Automatic fall detector functionality.​
    • Rechargeable​
    • IP66 rated​


Our Amazing Flagship Digital Dispersed Alarm System​

All Vita features/functionality plus:-

  • Connect up to 4 Amica Gero wearables
  • Supports the full range of sensors for health, home, activity and environment monitoring.​
  • Additional customisable functionality such as “Request a Repair”
An illustration of the Yorbl Vita Plus
An image of Yorbl Hub on a white Lenovo tablet

Vita Hub

Our Super-powered, User-centred Digital Community Living Solution

Explore the unparalleled features of Yorbl Vita Hub, designed to elevate resident safety and well-being in the digital age.

Full Vita/Vita+ Functionality plus:-

  • Interoperable digital video door entry functionality
  • Digital voice/video warden call
  • Apartment to apartment video calling
  • Voicemail
  • Landlord messaging (i.e. “Request a repair” etc)
  • Available on 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ android tablets with connectivity to smoke/fire alarms etc.
    • Wall or table mount
  • Also available on Akuvox door entry systems

Yorbl AMICA wearables

Our personalised and adaptive solutions are meticulously crafted for imperfect beings like us. As we gracefully age, our needs evolve, but the unwavering desire to live healthily, independently, and happily remains at the core of our being.

Our wearables extend the safety net when it comes to raising the alarm, in and out of the home and also for being proactive with healthcare and monitoring wellbeing too.

Amica Gero Wearable
Tempo Watch
Amica Eo

Amica Gero Wearable

Empower your safety with the Yorbl Amica Gero Wearable Personal Alarm. With its Latin roots meaning ‘I wear,’ epitomises this pursuit by seamlessly blending technology with a commitment to personal well-being. It’s not just a device; it’s your friend for life.

  • Connectivity to all Vita devices
  • Single push for “I’m OK”, long push/double push for SOS​
  • Includes fall detector functionality.​
  • Rechargeable​
  • IP66 rated

See more about the Gero…


Amica Tempo SMART Watch (Coming Soon)

Ideal for those who want the protection of a personal help button, but who are reluctant to sign up for a monitored medical alert service.

  • Connected via LTE Mobile SIM
  • SOS Functionality with GPS location tracking
  • Fall Detection
  • Full 2 Voice Way Calling
  • Health & Activity Monitoring – Heart Rate, Steps, Blood Pressure
  • IPX8 rated​

See more about the Tempo…

Amica Eo – Lone worker/Mobile SOS Button

(Coming Soon) 

    • Multiple wearing styles
    • Full two way calling.​
    • Fall detection​
    • Rechargeable with long standby time​
    • IP67 rated​
    • Optional speaker/charger base station​

See more about the Eo very soon…

An image of a smart plug and a door sensor

…providing a graphical

view of collected data.

Our range of sensors and peripherals will continue to grow over time, as we identify exciting and innovative technology and our customers and prospects come to us with their myriad of wants and needs.

Knowing that your loved ones are safe, gives you reassurance daily. The Yorbl range of sensors & peripherals brings exciting and innovative technology. Monitoring and recording daily routine, like getting up several times during the night alerts to a broken sleep pattern, whilst in the worst case scenario, not getting up at all in the morning, could be the trigger to raise the alarm.

See more in our range…

Sensors and peripherals…

The Yorbl range of sensors and peripherals introduces cutting-edge technology, offering a graphical representation of gathered data.

From iBeacons to SMART Plugs, each device serves a unique purpose, and the collection continues to expand, catering to diverse user needs.

Cool tech, that is our motto! So what are you waiting for? Ready to get Yorbl’d?

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Ibeacon and Flood detector
An image of an icon showing a person in the centre of a cog portraying an adaptable meaning


Considerate and safe

An icon of a graph diagram portraying a daily routine


Analytics & insights on routine 

An alert icon


Notice changes in behaviour

Inform, power, predict, prevent

A senior lady dressed in a karate suit

Yorbl Analytics provides a graphical view of collected data in an easy to use and readily accessible format, meaning organisations can identify and modify how clients live their daily lives, making a positive difference. Ultra secure Data Cloud using AWS & UK based infrastructure.

  • Easy to configure & view graphical Dashboards
  • Overlay Data/Sources to build different views
  • Define Date Ranges
  • Configure Alarms, Actions, SMART Control based on Data
  • Predictive Analytics provide “What Could be” views
  • View individuals or entire populations
  • Export to CSV or PDF​ or via API to other systems
  • Direct Data Feeds & API Integration
  • INTELLIGENCE – Activity, Health, Environment, Business
  • Custom Build & White Label available

Find out more about Yorbl Analytics here…

A screenshot of Yorbl Analytics
Nurse taking care of elderly patients, using telecare device

Looking towards the future

Yorbl are working in collaboration with Pobl Group in conjunction with the TAPPI2 Project – The Technology for our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation aiming to improve the way technology is used in housing and care for older people.

Using resources, imagination, and passion to deliver purpose, making an even bigger difference to people’s lives, Pobl are uniquely placed to join with others including Yorbl to create positive change in the delivery of Housing, Care and Support across Wales.

Pobl and Tappi Logos
New technology can be scary and unfamiliar. That’s why our tech is designed to adapt as a User’s needs change. It won’t ‘keep you hip’ or ‘in the loop’. It will reassure your loved ones, without all the faff.
Choose independence and security with our digital telecare solutions. Empower yourself and your family members with a wide range of products and services, allowing you to live longer, better, and SMARTer. At our core, we are dedicated to providing peace of mind through advanced technology, making a positive impact on long-term care

Everyone should have the choice to live independently and with dignity, so we built digital telecare solutions to help Users be at the steering wheel of their own care. Wether it’s for your grandparents, your parents or for you, our telecare will empower you and the ones you care about the most.

Designed for individuals with long-term conditions, disabilities, or those in need of care, our range of digital solutions ensures a wide range of care needs are addressed.
Our assistive technologies go beyond traditional telecare equipment care with technology-enabled care services (TECS), tailoring solutions to individual requirements. Our digital solutions ensure that people live with confidence, knowing they are connected to a comprehensive social care network.

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At Yorbl, we’re dedicated to tailoring our solutions to fit your requirements perfectly. Our adaptable software is designed to evolve alongside the changing needs of its users. Ready to enhance the safety and well-being of your residents with cutting-edge digital telecare?  Just ask us about it, and let’s work together to create the perfect solution for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Yorbl solutions work with other branded telecare products?

Absolutely! Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to chat about your requirements.

Is Yorbl prepared for the analogue to digital switchover taking place very soon?

Definately! all of our solutions are digital meaning there’s you don’t need to worry. 

Do you provide Community Living solutions?

Yes we do! we supply a broad range of sensors and peripherals alongside our digital telecare – get i ntouch for more details or visit our Community Living Solutions page.

Can your software be branded with our own logo?

It sure can! We can add your logo and even change language preference if required! Speak to us to find out more…