Yorbl Vita Solution Approved by Digital Office Scotland

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Written by Kath Robbins

March 15, 2022

Yorbl is pleased to announce that their Yorbl Vita Digital Telecare solution has been approved by the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government through its vigorous penetration testing procedure.

Consequently, Yorbl Vita is now available to all local Scottish Councils on the Approved Telecare List.

Helping to drive digital transformation across Scotland and setting the long-term digital direction for local government, the Office is working with all local councils to help build a portfolio of collaborative initiatives and projects that exploit digital technologies to reduce the cost of services and improve the customer experience for citizens in Scotland.

This is another great achievement for Yorbl Technologies, who have recently created partnerships with both the Surrey Health Tech Accelerator, Vayyar Care and Enovation Umo in recent weeks. With the ability to communicate with both traditional ARC platforms seamlessly and securely such as Jontek Answerlink and Tunstall PNC, as well as the new modern breed of digital platforms such as UMO, Yorbl Vita represents a genuine opportunity for Scottish providers to make the move to real digital now.

Andy Grayland, Chief Information Security Officer, Digital Office for Scottish Local Authorities said “The Scottish digital telecare security-assessed suppliers scheme reviewed an application from Yorbl for their Yorbl Vita. The assessment panel was very impressed with Yorbl. Both this assessment scheme, and Yorbl’s positive response to it, will help ensure that vulnerable telecare users across Scotland are protected against the threat posed by cyber criminals when using these services.”

Peter Reed-Forrester, CEO of Yorbl Technologies said, “I’m enormously proud that our unique Yorbl Vita Digital Telecare solution passed the prestigious Scottish Digital Telecare security tests first time and is now a recommended solution in Scotland. Security and keeping users safe will always be at the forefront of our thinking when designing and developing our products and I believe Yorbl can demonstrate that across our whole innovative product line. We have received a significant level of interest from Scottish providers, several of whom have been involved in our initial product testing. With Vita now available for sale, I am now looking forward to Yorbl helping Scotland to revolutionise its approach to modern Telecare and move successfully away from the old analogue, “Box Based” approach of the past.”

You can find out more about Yorbl Vita by clicking here or email Josh Jones, Business Development Manager: josh.jones@yorbl.com or call the team on 0330 120 1520.

To find out more about The Digital Office for Scottish Local Government go to www.digitaloffice.scot.

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