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Securely access popular video call, messaging, social &

web-based services – anywhere, anytime..

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About Yorbl Vita Tab

Addressing Digital Inclusion & Social Connectivity

  • Built on the Lenovo M10 (10 inch) tablet
  • Does everything that Yorbl Vita+ can do but with the addition of full Android Vita Tablet functionality:
  • Surf the web through the integrated web bowser
  • Use Messaging, Video, Chat and Social Media apps (i.e. Facebook, etc.) to stay in touch with friends and Loved ones.
  • Watch your favourite streaming entertainment – Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer etc.
  • Voice/Video Chat with Family and Friends​​
  • Receive reminders for medication and events.
  • Can be fully integrated into Yorbl’s SMART Community Living Solutions providing communal functionality like message boards, “Request a Repair”, Voice & Video calling, group chat etc.
  • Provide isolated people with contact to the outside world,
  • “Senor Friendly” interface – Great for those that are not tech savvy or are fearful of trying to work a laptop or desktop PC.
  • Fully Remote Monitored and Managed
  • Integrated with Yorbl Analytics
  • Dock not included
Yorbl Tab Lenovo M10
Man talking to family in home

Who is the Yorbl Vita Tab

Telecare Device for?


The Yorbl Vita Tab is aimed at supporting a wide range of people including:


  • elderly and/or vulnerable
  • have a long-term medical condition
  • live alone and/or are at risk of falling
  • have dementia, epilepsy or heart disease
  • want to keep your loved one safe when you’re not around
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