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designed to evolve as needs change…

Designed for imperfect humans like us, who whilst our needs & wants  change as we age,  retain the desire to live, healthily, independently  & happily – Yorbl… the home of Technology Enabled Living

About Yorbl Vita

Yorbl Vita, Our entry level, low cost, truly digital dispersed alarm solution. A personal alarm, designed to help providers address the UK’s analogue switch off efficiently and cost effectively.  Vita is not dependent upon the existing legacy analogue pstn, is WiFi and Dual SIM capable, supplied with a FREE fabulous Amica ‘Gero’ IP66 rated wearable falls detection and panic button…’Goodbye’ old reactive button & box alarm

‘Hello’ speech enabled, user-preferred language capable, interactive touch screen.

Yorbl Vita...Digital delivery, transformed!

Yorbl Lifeline with Green Help Button on Motorola E20 Phone

About Yorbl Vita+

Yorbl Vita+, Designed to truly revolutionise the delivery of digital dispersed alarm devices. Yorbl believes that ‘Personalisation’ has to be the future for digital, with technology designed to deliver support for people, how, when & where they need it.  Yorbl’s aim is always to ensure the individual user’s needs sit at the heart of our product suite. After all, what’s the point in transition, when you can offer a transformation? Yorbl Vita + designed for the benefit of users, whose needs WILL change.  Attractive, contemporary, adaptable.

Predictive, proactive, interdependence facilitating technology systems designed for humans.

Yorbl Vita+


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Vita Hub’s Digital Warden Call

Vita Hub’s Digital Warden Call

Yorbl Vita Hub’s digital warden call is a super feature designed to enhance safety and support in care homes and similar organisations within the health and care industry.

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Yorbl’s Community Living Solutions

Yorbl’s Community Living Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of the care sector, innovation is the key to staying ahead and meeting the evolving needs of residents and caregivers alike. If you are involved in a care home, care organisation, or any aspect of the care sector, the transition from analogue to digital is not just a change—it is an opportunity for transformation.

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