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No matter how old we are, we all enjoy and strive for independence. Happiness is often the result of accomplishing something on our own. The desire to be independent is instilled in us throughout life and that desire doesn’t disappear with age. If anything, it becomes MORE important to seniors.

Independence is sometimes the only thing seniors may feel they can control as certain aspects of their life change with age. We understand that in order to maintain independence, it’s vital for seniors to be involved in their own care. We developed Yorbl’s unique solutions to ensure that seniors can keep their independence and live better, healthier and happier, for longer.

Introducing Yorbl

Yorbl have developed the world’s first fully digital app-based Telecare solution that evolves with your life!


Our innovative range of SMART Telecare and Assisted Living Solutions are designed to be digital from the ground up and, unlike other products, ensure the products and services we provide are fit for the 21st century.

About Yorbl Vita

Yorbl Vita, a low cost, fully digital Personal Alarm to address the UK analogue switch off (due to be completed by 2025).

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Maintain Senior Independence By Getting Involved In Your Community

Maintain Senior Independence By Getting Involved In Your Community

Senior independence is a critical part of aging because it allows you to enjoy your golden years to the fullest. As we get older, we may find that certain things are more challenging to do on your own, but there are still plenty of habits to incorporate that can help you maintain your independence.

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